Justin's Bill Becomes Law
Representative Steve Gottwalt's Press Release (02/19/2008)
3 Part Series by WJON on the Availability of Prescription Drugs through Online Pharmacies
Click on the links below to view information regarding the legislation of Online Pharmacies
MPhA  Press Release (02/18/2008)
President's Radio Address; Picture and Letter from Laura Bush (03/01/2008)
Letter from the Office of National Drug Control Policy (03/01/2008)
Copy of "Justin's Bill" (as of 03/17/2008)
The State House has unanimously passed "Justin's Bill"   (05/08/2008)
"Justin's Bill" signed into law making it harder to get addictive drugs online (05/15/2008)
Prescription Addiction Radio Interview:  July 13, 2008
AWARxE website is launched.  It was inspired by the death of Justin. (09/27/2008)
President Bush signed the "Ryan Haight Online Pharmacy Consumer Protection Act of 2008"  (10/15/2008)
Stenehjem Announces Prescription Drug
Abuse Summit  (12/09/2009)
Youth Precription Drug Abuse on Rise in 
North Dakoka  (12/09/2009)
Internet Pharmacy, Drug Abuse, and What Pharmacy 
is Doing about it  (03/26/2010)
Billboards Used to Increase Awareness of 
Prescription Medicine Abuse  (03/26/2010)
NABP Purchases AWARxE Consumer Protection Program  (09/29/2010)
Over 5,100 Sites Join DEA Nationwide Effort 
to Take-Back Prescription Drugs on April 30th  (04/19/2011)
Narcan Purchased for Stearn County Squad Cars  (12/05/2016)
Stearns County Deputies Get Narcan, Thanks to St. Cloud Father  (12/05/2016)
St. Cloud State Helping Fight Growing Opioid Problem (01/25/2018)
Father Shares Son's Addiction Story (01/25/2018)
Narcan, gas cards, new laws:  How a Stearns Co. dad waged fight against an epidemic (10/24/2019)
Video...Dan Pearson receiving the Arthur J. Decio Humanitarian Award (11/12/2019)